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  • What makes a buyer become a loyal repeat customer - customer_preview

    What makes a buyer become a loyal repeat customer

    What makes a buyer become a loyal repeat customer Get user trust – A wide field of work allows to select various strategies from referral programs to high-end service. The decision is yours and it should be based on balance between several factors such as budget, time efforts, user experience and impression, quality and comfort of service. Solve user pains – having a pain doesn’t mean having an illness. A wish to buy something good and fast is also a pain. Your task is to stay always focused on your customer and understand him as deep as possible. If your user wants to do something and you appear exactly when he wants to solve it and you really do help with that that count yourself as a winner. Be competitive – Even if you’re doing everything as perfect as you may have thought you still keep in mind that your field of work is a market and pricing is what always matters. Be ready to the cases when you will be obligated to balance between your incomes and a number of your customers. Sometimes it’s useful to reduce prices so that you will probably earn less but you’ll be visited more Features must be easy to use and not disrupting – if your user uses your product then let’s assume he is satisfied with its functionality, but as it was said before – do not ever overload your solutions, especially with something that’s not needed at all. If your user has a wish to buy sneakers with a good price and without trouble he definitely will not want to see the ads concerning milkshakes and even more he will be disappointed if he will not be able to use the service because of difficulties with understanding how everything works. Shopping sessions – Make your user think that he is really important for you. Well he is really important actually, but that’s not the point. Try to adapt your service under each customer’s desires, keep his information about shopping trips, his favorite products or choices. Make him think that you remember everything to make his shopping trip good easy fast and comfortable. No one argues – being competitive requires much from your side. But as a result you will gain what you want. Be constant, hard and tuff and you’ll increase your revenues, retention rates, customer numbers etc. at the levels that you really want to.

  • How extensions made revolution on the coupon online market - market_preview

    How extensions made revolution on the coupon online market

    How extensions made revolution on the coupon online market Using coupons is not something new nowadays. People got used to it. But have you ever thought about how old is this thing? According to the TIME issue the first coupon campaign was organized by Coca-cola company in far 1887. And significant fact is that it was one of the reasons why Coca Cola evolved from a small pharmaceutic tonic into a market-dominating drink. Less history – more facts – coupons are still very actual and useful. And no surprise that they’re evolving too. Not a long time ago you had to find the coupon in the newspaper or flyer, cut it out, bring it to shop and then you can receive your discount or special offer. Useful but not quite comfortable. During time the online shopping started to rise significantly. So as a next step - coupons also migrated to the internet. But at the beginning to process of appliance was similar – look for coupon via newspapers or internet. Copy the code, input the code when necessary and get your best. Yes, it became easier, but still there are some unnecessary steps. And now we’re proud to say that we make it as easy as it ever could be. Coupon Auto apply functionality or CAA technology. All you need to do is only one click and the system will look for the best offer throughout the whole internet, choose the best and productive offer, apply it and only thing that you will see is just a result. Splendid. Want to make your users more loyal, happier and make their life easier and shopping process more adorable – integrate it and you won’t regret. Basing on the experience and calculations – a regular user grows his number of purchases in 7 times so it really works and works quite well. And we’re always happy to help if our assistance is needed.

  • How to increase customer retention rate - rate_w1000_01

    How to increase customer retention rate

    How to increase customer retention rate User engagement is a very important key to your success in online shopping process. It consists of various aspects some of which will be described below. Increase quality on most popular merchants and offers. Provide best user experience Today technical progress allows to perform a deep monitoring of your user’s behavior. And it’s quite important to pay attention to that because if you’ll manage to appear to your user exactly when it’s really needed he will be much more satisfied than if he will be constantly annoyed by an abusive ads. Make a search engine – works almost always. No one argues that global search engines are working good and efficient. But you still need to sort many results to find the one exact that you need. But if your user is already on your website then it’s a great opportunity to provide him with an engine that allows to search exactly what he needs and working on your and his pleasure. Top offers and deals by regions and language – Of course we all understand that to keep growing you need to enlarge your audience. But what if you have already reached your top level in your region? The answer is simple – try another one. You may not even know that your target audience is already existing and waiting for you. Add new languages, simplify the shopping process, invade new regions. Take what is yours. Only needed functionality If your customer has your product and using it – never overload your product with unnecessary functionality. People use only things that really work. If you’ll make your product heavier, less understandable and useful – that’s a way for a fast loss of your audience These simple offers are not a fantasy. In our company we’re making a result predictable and stable. And basing on our experience we can say that even these three points can grow your audience retention rate in times. Making all these steps in one hit are available by using our solutions like browser extensions or mobile apps. Want to know how – call us.

  • I have my own team. Why do I need outsourcing for extension and app development - why_us

    I have my own team. Why do I need outsourcing for extension and app development

    I have my own team. Why do I need outsourcing for extension and app development When developing an extension or app, it is logical that the company delegates it to the development department. Otherwise, why do we pay for them?) What difficulties can appear, while assuming that the team is well known with the product for many days, they work smoothly, are loyal to the company, etc. First, it is not a secret for those involved in IT that each team member can be more broadly or narrowly experienced. But is there a team in your department that has been developing extensions for 18 years and knows all the pitfalls perfectly? Doubt so. Second, internal developers are always busy, and the lack of experience does not allow you to request all resources at once, calculate the budget, and set deadlines. What do you get in the end? Development of an extension instead of a couple of months will last six months, a year. Developers will open up new “problem areas”, and the project manager will never be able to justify the growing cost of development. Why do we say this so confidently? Because dozens of customers contacted us after such a bad experience. This is not an exceptional case but a 99% confirmed regular practice. Why choose us? We simply have a whole bunch of experience in e-commerce development,custom development, unusual projects, middle integrations. We’re not afraid to check new technologies and do experiments, but we stand for the KISS and DRY principles. We comply with all the requirements of affiliate networks, avoid cookie stuffing, cashback stealing etc. Compliant with GDPR We comply with anti-virus policies and go through their phishing anti-malware filters, whitelist in all anti-viruses Match your privacy policy Integrate with any services and technologies We comply with guidelines and know how to quickly publish in all directions (FireFox, Chrome, Microsoft, Apple) Adopting reacts and vue when it rises. Apply .js language features. Reactive server logic with spring webflux when we expect load grown. Simple node js when for simplicity. We started as the pioneers in developing of plugins and extensions. And currently, position ourselves as experts and business advisers in cashback industry and rewards platforms. We do not work as “take any spectrum of project and make something useless”, Our goal is to understand your challenge and provide a solution that satisfies your expectations. This ends up in close and long term relations with our clients. What is special in our developers? They are experienced geeks and opened to new things. These are persons who understand the link between business problems and technical solutions. But a single person cannot do many without understanding context and dialog with you or through project manager. So our formula is: developer + experience + context + dialog = solved business problem. In addition, the implementation and non-stop support of the functioning of your project is our task. Therefore, you will have your own dedicated developers. In this case, you do not have to pay 100500 taxes and get headaches with employment / sick leave / leave / dismissal. Our task is to ensure uninterrupted work 24/7 and in case of holidays and illnesses we are provided with a replay of people, which is good because deadlines are not run through. Read reviews from our regular customers such as Rakuten, and others on our website - and welcome. Let us show you: what is a quality and flawless expert development with full compliance with deadlines.


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