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Mobile devices became an indispensable part of our regular lives, but still, the diversity at the market exists. That means that different mobile devices able to provide a large but various number of functions In many cases you need to support two or three different code bases - site, android, and ios separately. So this is a basis for a problem. What if you want to use as much functions as possible with seamless cross-platform integration and same codebase but you do not have any technical ability to do that. Here were PWA comes out.

Progressive web application (aka PWA) is a simple way to use your site or web app native on a mobile device as simple application with only one code base usage. So it’s like an option to turn your site into a mobile application whenever and wherever you want. PWA is currently a new way of delivering your content to a user and increasing engagement ratio. It’s an additional accessibility booster and leads to increase click and retention rates.

Moreover, PWA in mobile gains access to the additional mobile feature such as GPS and push notifications etc. So as you can see it’s also acquiring a large variety of functions distinctive for usual mobile apps. PWA in general - provides better user expense by using certain features and optimization such as service workers, caching, offline capability. And again you do not need to develop different code bases for different platforms.

There may opinionated and unopinionated view on PWA. Nevertheless, it certainly increases app capability.

It’s possible to say that PWA is a next step in mobile apps evolution. It uses a full replacement for mobile apps. In the future, it will be extended with special e-commerce features. And surely it’s possible to say that’s going to happen with among the whole web. Also, a good point is that PWA can be easily integrated with such platforms like firebase, or your existing backend. But unfortunately, there is a couple of disadvantages. For this moment, this is non-native execution. It certainly will lose in benchmarks with some native solutions as Flutter, Swift, Kotlin. That’s because PWA is running in its own embedded browser. But nevertheless, even now there are many efforts applied to avoid and overcome this small point.

Also a second issue is that PWA is currently a beta feature - it can be installed on windows, macOS, Linux or any other operating system but you need to enable an experimental feature in google chrome browser to be able to install and use it. Anyway PWA as a way to reduce the development significantly surely going to be a basis for improvement and implementation of such technology for a regular usage in future

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