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Must-have E‑commerce features

Must-have e-commerce features

Previously we’ve described the CAA functionality but we’re not sayin that this is only killing feature that can boost your profit. Let’s see some more.

  • You should understand who are your users and what they need – that’s why you need an analytics. Because user is always happy when he finds his perfect match with the product. To do that you need to know where do your users make the purchases the most, what do they buy, when, at what price etc. Matching these various parameters will allow you to build some strategies for different audiences. Using them will make your customers much more satisfied and loyal.

  • Using a search engine for advancing user experience for searching.
    Also was partly mentioned before – the less someone needs to do to get what he wants – the more satisfied he become. So using the integration with the search engines to inform your potential user about your good offer is a key. Of course you need to keep balance between the level of necessary information and the level of disturbing your user. Appearing on exact needed moment is a way to move on. But the good point is that using this kind of search engine result page integration is not violating their rules so note that it’s legal, it’s working and it’s working good.

  • Focus on SEO and SSR. If you want to be visible at first pages of search engines – you need to pay much attention to SEO and SSR. Applying money and resources will help you to gain your positions on top pages and make sure that you’ll be always available to your audience.

  • Internalization – becoming cross border international player is not easy but quite possible. Moreover, efforts needed for the globalization are much less than the results that you will get from such a step. And even if you’re still not sure whether it’s necessary or not – just look at the top market players. They are not limited by borders and expanding constantly.

  • Use a content delivery network for reducing latency and improve user experience – This is more technical aspect but nevertheless it’s very important. The faster your service works the better user experience you provide to your customer. As a result, he becomes more loyal. Many people still remember the times of dial-up network access process and definitely no one would like to meet it once again nowadays.

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